Kris Humphries Has More Dunks Than LeBron James This Year

Kris Humphries

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Considering that he was one of the better power forwards in the NBA last year, it took a long time for an NBA team to come around and make Kris Humphries a contract offer before the season.Now, The Hump is exacting his revenge in the form of dunks. He’s seventh in the league in dunks with 27, according to CBS Sports’ stats.

That’s more jams than renowned dunkers like Andre Iguodala, Amare Stoudemire, and Josh Smith.

And it’s even more than LeBron James, who has 25.

Does it mean anything?

Not really. But the guy is averaging a double-double and can definitely play.

So from now on you’re only allowed to make fun of him for being a failed reality TV star who got dragged into a sham marriage.