Kraft Just Hired These Octogenarians To Run Its Twitter And Facebook Accounts

kraft old lady

Photo: Facebook Screengrab

In honour of its 75th anniversary, Kraft handed its Mac & Cheese social media network to two women who have been eating it for, well, 75 years.(It’s a big day for seniors in social media: Betty White, 90, joined Twitter on Tuesday.)

For the next three days, Frankie, 87, and Dottie, 86, are in charge of the company’s Twitter (which has 4,546 followers) and Facebook (which has 898,814 likes) feeds.

Kraft loves exploiting old ladies for laughs—Droga5’s 2011 campaign for Kraft Foods’ Athenos hummus starred an angry yiayia (Greek for grandmother) who calls her granddaughter a prostitute for wearing a pretty unscandalous dress—so let’s see what Dottie and Frankie will throw our way.

While Betty White has already admitted to dreaming about spending the night with Ryan Seacrest after only three Tweets, computer illiterate Dottie and Frankie’s most colourful Tweet is, “just learned about planking. anybody know what it means?” Crispin Porter + Bogusky conceived the campaign.

Here’s the reaction on Facebook:

facebook kraft

Photo: Facebook

Watch Frankie and Dottie’s reaction to being selected to lead Kraft Mac & Cheese’s social media below:

In other age inappropriate news, Sony used an 8-year-old to write one of its new ads>

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