Kraft Is Restructuring Yet Again [THE BRIEF]


Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Kraft Foods might have just restructured less than a year ago, breaking into Kraft (groceries) and Mondelez (snacks), but the brand is making some changed once again. Kraft Food Group is dividing itself in two. There will now be one unit for meals and desserts, and another for housing snacks, dressings, and sauces. This is said to be done to help build the divisions as brands.

Adweek says that these are the 16 gayest ads in history.

Cannes had more entries than it ever has before due to even more categories. 

The Marriott hotels are going for a younger look and demographic with its new ad campaign by Grey New York.

Digiday takes a look at how publishers do “sponsored” content.

JWT BRAZIL made a “Kit Kat Pillow” for stressed out students in its latest branded stunt.

Saatchi head of broadcast production David Perry is leaving the shop after almost 24 years. John Doris is taking over his role August 1. Perry told Adweek, “I’m retiring from Saatchi, but I’m not moving to Florida.”

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