Mass Evacuation After Fire At German Kraft Food Factory Creates 'Toxic Cloud'

Multiple sources are reporting that a fire at a Kraft Foods factory in northern Germany has forced approximately 1,400 people to evacuate.

The blaze started accidentally, when workers accidentally poured nitric acid into a container filled with a sodium hydroxide solution. The 700 firefighters and experts are not just battling the flames; the reaction has led to the formation of a toxic cloud, and experts believe that an explosion is still possible.

Russia Today has raw footage from the scene.

According to the AP, those working to stop the crisis declared that the tank is still at the boiling point inside — indicating that the chemical reaction is still underway.

The small town of Bad Fallingbostel has already undertaken emergency measures. Local schools and a nearby highway have been closed, and authorities have created a exclusion zone with a radius of 500m.

No injuries have been reported so far.

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