The boss of 30,000 people shares how you can get a promotion at work by asking but without bragging

Lynne Doughtie is chairman and CEO of KPMG in the US, and oversees 30,000 people at one of the largest professional services firms in the world.

Ms Doughtie became the group’s first female boss in July 2015 and has focused a lot of her time on getting more women into work. She told us one of the main ways for women to get a promotion is to tell bosses about their achievements.

“Too often women are waiting for someone to recognise their great work and tap them on the shoulder and say “here – this is the next thing we want you to do — and that may happen,” she said.

“But I feel you need to take more ownership of telling your story, advocating for yourself. You can do it in a way that’s positive and that your leaders will appreciate. A big part of that is speaking up.”

Produced by Joe Daunt. Filmed by Graham Flanagan