KPMG Is Limiting How Long Staff Can Spend In Internal Meetings To Reduce Bureaucracy

KPMG Australia is introducing a new set of key performance indicators that will limit how long staff spend meeting with each other instead of with clients.

Agnes King of the AFR reports that newly appointed CEO Gary Wingrove wants to make it easier for KPMG Australia to grow by reducing bureaucracy, including disbanding a number of internal committees.

Here’s what he said:

The life blood of a professional services firm is growth, because with it comes innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, characteristics critical to the success of a partnership. People work here because they want an element of autonomy and decision making,


I’m saying to all partners and staff, if you’re time poor and have a choice to make about doing something with a client or to do something internal, there is no choice. We will choose to do the stuff that’s market facing.

I will put to the side all other internal KPIs we’ve had in the past.

There’s more on the Fin.

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