This Kosovo Power Plant Has Been Turned Into A Bizarre Alien World As Europe Sits Under 15 FEET Of Snow

Kosovo Powerplant Freeze

Photo: AP

It looks like the cold snap that hit Europe late last month is here to stay, with isolated parts of Romania, Moldova and Albania hit with 15 feet of snow, the AP reports.And at Kosovo’s main power plant, steam has frozen solid around vents, creating alien-looking sculptures.

The latest reports suggest at least 500 people have died in the cold snap.

It is located in Obilić, central Kosovo.

As steam from vents and pipes solidified and froze, the plant was covered in strange looking icicles.

Here icicles hang from cooling tanks.

Energy workers are struggling to break through the ice.

Meanwhile in Romania, workers hope to clear a path to a trapped house in the village of Silistea Glodeanu.

Here a local man, Nicolae Cocioaba makes his way out of a snowed in farm house.

Cocioaba, standing on a path dug by workers, shows the huge amount of snow.

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