A Korean Skincare Brand Wants To Know If You Would Rather Be White

A Korean cosmetic company, Elisha Coy, is promoting its latest line of beauty products by asking people a pretty shocking question.

A disturbing ad for the brand’s Always Nuddy CC Cream was placed outside of a New Koreantown Plaza department store in Flushing, NY, according to Korean culture blog Noonchi. It asks U.S. shoppers the question: “Do you wanna be white?”

If you take a look at the product on Amazon you’ll see that the CC cream is designed to create a more even skin tone and, like many of the “Europe style organic skincare” brand’s products, lighten the user’s skin colour.

South Korea has been known to hold extraordinary high beauty standards for women, often looking to the west for an understanding of what it means to be beautiful. Fads have included copious amounts of plastic surgery to bone cutting jaw surgery, and of course, a lighter complexion.

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