Korean pitcher suspended and ordered to do 120 hours of community service for nearly beaming opponent on awful pick-off attempt

Korean baseball pitcher Lim Chang-yong of the KIA Tigers paid the price for an awful pick-off attempt during a Korean Baseball Organisation game.

Chang-yong was on the mound with Oh Jae-won of the Doosan Bears on second. Jae-won’s lead off of second grew a little too big for Chang-yong’s liking, so he fired a pick-off attempt toward second base.

However, nobody on the Tigers was on second, and Chang-yong’s throw missed wildly, nearly smacking Jae-won in the head, before hurling into the outfield. Luckily, Jae-won ducked out of the way.

The attempt was so bad, that, according to ESPN’s Elizabeth Baugh, Chang-yong was suspended three games and forced to do 120 hours of community service!

Here’s a better angle of where, exactly, Chang-yong was throwing.

Afterward, Jae-won looked startled by nearly being decapitated.

The two met on the mound with the umpires, but despite the smile, Jae-won didn’t appear pleased with Chang-yong.

It’s unclear if Chang-wong’s throw was malicious or simply poorly executed, but he paid the price, regardless.

Watch below:

ICYMI… So this ‘pick-off attempt’ happened on Saturday (featuring KIA’s Lim Chang-yong and Doosan’s Oh Jae-won) pic.twitter.com/VXRx1P6sVK
— Dan (@MyKBO) August 29, 2016

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