This Instagram artist has captured the attention of everyone from Lil Wayne to Ashton Kutcher for her optical illusions

Dain Yoon instagram artistInstagram/DesigndainKorean artist Dain Yoon paints ‘visual illusions’ on her own face and body.

When Dain Yoon begins her next work of art, she’s locking in for upwards of 12 hours of painting on her own face and body. 

The Korean artist, who refers to herself as a “visual illusion artist,” is rapidly gaining fame for her Instagram photos and videos, which are at once confusing, trippy, and altogether very cool. At last count, Yoon had 307k Instagram followers.

Yoon uses her face and hands to create optical illusions. At first glance, she’ll appear to have three hands or 10 eyes, but it’s all the work of some masterful painting and a lot of time and patience. 

Here’s how Yoon creates her artwork:

Yoon tells Business Insider via email that she's been a painter since she was young and trained at Yewon Arts University in South Korea.

She finds inspiration for her work through everyday people, objects, and events.

Her drawings can take anywhere from three to 12 hours. This piece, titled 'Part of me' took longer, since Yoon painted the background and the teapot, as well as herself.

The paintings are incredibly difficult because Yoon has to draw everything so it can eventually be photographed or captured on video. She paints everything by looking in a mirror, switching back and forth between the mirror and a camera to ensure nothing looks distorted.

'Hours of painting through (a) mirror often makes me dizzy,' Yoon says.

She uses a combination of body paints, acrylic, and numerous cosmetic products to create her work. She is a trained painter, but a self-taught makeup artist.

Yoon says this piece, titled 'Kissing Myself,' is her favourite, because 'the drawing, facial expression, and the movements of hands accomplished a beautiful harmony.'

Yoon wants her art to encourage people to adopt different perspectives and 'not judge a book by its cover.'

While she typically paints only on her own body, Yoon plans to paint on other people as well, since she wants to collaborate with other artists or brands.

Yoon has captured the attention of Ashton Kutcher and Lil Wayne, who both posted about her work. 'I did not expect those big celebs (to) notice my arts,' Yoon said. 'All responses are (a) pleasure to me.'

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