Korean Actress Apologizes After Tweeting Photo Of Overweight Americans At Denny's


Photo: KoreaBang

This post originally appeared at KoreaBANG.As an actress, Lee Chae-young is perhaps better known for her body than her body of work.

Never one to shy away from showing her talents, in recent times she has treated her followers to a set of bikini photos as well as flaunting her enviable figure in a revealing dress at the Seoul Drama Awards in 2010.

But Lee’s body-con complex doesn’t draw the line at her own “S-line”: a few days ago she caused Internet uproar when she posted a picture of a large caucasian woman queuing at a fast food shop on Twitter, noting that the trauma had made her reconsider her meal and her own figure.

Such was the netizen reaction to Lee’s post, that she removed the problematic photo and comments, replacing them with an apology.

Far from being just another celebrity mishap article, Lee’s observations are hardly unique. Any girl who is attentive about her figure might have thought along the lines of what Lee wrote, and may actually have shared it with others, whether in conversation or on social networking sites.

Read what Korean netizens had to say about the tweet at KoreaBANG >

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