Koran-Burning Pastor May Get Call From Obama (Plus, All The Other Reasons This Story Is Ridiculous)


By far the big winner in this Koran burning story is the pastor Terry Jones, who has supplanted Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church as the most loathed religious leader in America.

The formerly unknown nobody who heads a flock fo 30 has now gotten the attention of everyone, and it sounds as though he won’t go back on his plans unless Obama (!!!!) calls him. And The White House is apparently considering it (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

The downside for Jones is nil here. He has no reputation to shred. The downside for the rest of the world, wasting two seconds on this guy is huge. Amazing victory for Jones.

Of course, this is the left’s version of the Ground Zero Mosque, an opportunity to slam a guy for doing something perfectly legal, but which they consider repugnant, and a chance to force conservatives into something of an awkward position.

(When liberals suddenly got so testy over people burning stuff is unclear. Hello, the flag burning debate?)

That being said, the uproar over this is a gigantic slur on the Muslim world. If Obama thinks the Muslim world is going to flip into rage because some hillbilly in Florida is lighting a book on fire, his view of the Muslim world is dim indeed. That he’d take a break from focusing on the economy to insult the Muslim world like this is even more shocking.

Making this all the more laughable is the fact that Fox News is getting all kinds of credit for not covering the event. So they win too in this!

Just ignore him, people, though not before you check our full coverage of the event here, here, here, and here!

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