Koolickles are pickles soaked in Kool-Aid

  • Koolickles are pickles soaked in Kool-Aid
  • They are popular in the Mississippi Delta region of the United States
  • We made them at home and brought them to work to see what our coworkers think

Following is a transcript of the video.

Caroline Aghajanian: No.

Sydney Kramer: Today we’re gonna be making Koolickles.

If you don’t know what a Koolickle is, you are not alone. Koolickles are Kool-Aid soaked pickles.

Kool-Aid soaked pickles.

Which sounds really gross, but I’ve heard that they’re kind of good and they have this weird like cult following both online and in certain parts of the country, specifically the Mississippi Delta region of the United States, or at least that’s what I read online.

Joe Avella:I hate it.

Caroline Aghajanian: I’m not as excited as I was before.

Sydney Kramer: OK. I’m gonna be following a recipe that I got from Serious Eats. So all you need to make Koolickles are, of course, Kool-Aid, pickles, and sugar.

The process is pretty simple and straightforward. You just take the brine out of the pickles, so you drain all the juice from the pickle jar. You then add your Kool-Aid of choice with a cup of sugar and then you just let it sit for three, five, or seven days depending on how strong you want that Kool-Aid flavour to be. So I’m gonna let mine sit for probably five days so that I can bring them to the office and see what people think.

OK. Koolickles ready to go in the fridge for about five days. And I think I’m also going to be flipping them so that the Kool-Aid gets into all the pickles. I already kind of see that they’re already absorbing the colour, which is awesome. So I’ll see you in five days with grape and cherry pickles. It’s definitely an experiment, so we’ll see.

Sydney Kramer: Caroline.

Caroline: Yes?

Sydney: What did I bring in today?

Caroline: You brought pickles with Kool-Aid.

Sydney: I am so excited to make my coworkers eat Koolickles today and I have a feeling they might like them. I have a good feeling about this.

Caroline: OK, well, they’re in here. they kind of look like beets. This is weird. Here we go. Dip it in, get it nice and juicy. It smells, it smells like cherry medicine now. No. No. Oh god, it doesn’t… That wasn’t good.

So the first bite, it’s like a cherry medicine flavour like squirting in your mouth and it’s like really juicy, and now it’s just like a regular pickle aftertaste.

So it gets better as you chew.

But it’s like in the back of my throat, like the flavour is not good.

Joe: I have never liked pickles, I hate them on anything, you can taste them right away. Relish is ok, but pickles, eating just pickles or pickle slices on anything, that gross vinegary juice that even it’s on there, you take them off and can still taste the pickles. I hate that so much. I hate them so much. I hate when you get that pickle wedge next to your fries, ’cause all the fries that are touching it are ruined. That’s how much I hate pickles

Sydney:And how do you feel about Kool-Aid?

Joe:It’s fine.

Oh gross, those are red.

This looks so gross.

I can smell it and they’re not even opened.

No, I think the red ones look the most disgusting.


This is so sick, bro. It looks so unnatural.

Oh, and it’s like a greenish-red on top.

That smells so weird, right? Like pickles and cough syrup, right? Did you already make that observation?

I hate it, I hate how it smells. Definitely want me to eat it now?

All right, do it.


That sucks, that’s not even like remotely good. Who wants this?

Let’s try the next one. Grape and pickles.

Never in my life have I seen grapes and pickles, relish and grapes.

Oh. That one’s way worse. Give me something.

I hated it.

Sydney:Would you drink the juice?

Joe: What?

Caroline: You wouldn’t drink the juice?

Joe: No, I wouldn’t drink the juice. Would you?

Caroline: Possibly.

Joe: Really?

Caroline: Yeah.

Sydney: Go take a sip.

Joe: Yeah, come here and take a sip. We’ll take a–

Caroline: From the can?

Joe: Yeah, we’ll take a sip together. I’ll go this one, you go the other one.

Caroline: Oh god.

Joe:Yeah. Are you sure?

Caroline:Yeah, let’s try it.


That’s so gross.

It’s like Kool-Aid gone bad.

Sydney: I’m a little surprised at the extremely negative reactions that I’m getting. So let’s try it.

Can I see a world in which someone would like this? Yeah. Do I like this? No. Caroline said it gets better, but I think it gets worse. I think it’s gonna give me heartburn. It’s pretty on the inside though.

Surprisingly enough we did find one person wandering around the office who had tried Koolickles before and he liked them.

Taste Tester: Oh, that’s good. It literally tastes like a popsicle, but like pickle popsicle.

Sydney: Have you heard of a Koolickle before?

Taste Tester: Mm-hmm.

Sydney: You have?

Taste Tester: Yeah, I’ve seen them before.

Sydney: Where?

Taste Tester:Atlanta.

I actually had one when I was in Atlanta, but these are better.

Sydney: Overall, it’s a no go. The best part of this experience clearly has been making other people try them.

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