Soon you'll be able to return Amazon orders at Kohl's stores -- here's how it works

Kohl'sEric Risberg / AP ImagesKohl’s is about to become a place where people can return Amazon orders.

Kohl’s is about to make returning Amazon orders a lot more convenient.

On Tuesday, the department-store chain announced that starting in October, 82 locations would accept returns for some items bought through Amazon.

The details on how the returns will work are still a bit hazy, and a Kohl’s spokesperson told Business Insider it was too early to share specifics. But, here’s what we know so far about how the system will work:

First, you have to be in Chicago or Los Angeles. Only 82 Kohl’s locations are planning to offer the service (for now).

Pulling into the Kohl’s parking lot, there will be convenient designated parking spots near store entrances for shoppers there to return Amazon items.

Amazon Returns centres, located inside Kohl’s stores, accept any merchandise within the still unreleased eligibility specifications set by Kohl’s and Amazon. The most important aspects of the return program that we do know: it will be free, regardless of why the item is being returned, and shoppers don’t need to bring packaging.

AmazonGetty ImagesA worker inside an Amazon warehouse.

Ten of the Kohl’s locations are also launching an “Amazon smart home experience” in October, with a section of the store dedicated to selling Amazon merchandise such as the Amazon Echo. In these locations, the Amazon return service will be integrated into what Kohl’s called the “overall Amazon experience,” and will be situated prominently near the front of the stores.

After shoppers drop of the items that are being returned, Kohl’s will package and transport the items to Amazon return centres.

Business Insider will update this post as more details and photos become available. If you’ve returned an Amazon item at a Kohl’s store, send us a note at [email protected]

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