Kogan.com is selling Amazon's Echo Dot cheaper than Amazon

Cooking with Amazon Echo. Rachel Murray/WireImage

Pure-play online retailer Kogan.com is selling Amazon’s Echo Dot, the interface with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa, cheaper in Australia than the giant US-based retailer.

A quick check of amazon.com.au and kogan.com shows the difference in pricing for the Amazon product.

Kogan.com has Amazon Echo Dot, the second generation version in black, for $55 each.

While amazon.com.au lists the same device at $79.00, but with free delivery in Australia because it is $49 or more.

Delivery to the Sydney CBD at Kogan.com comes to $9.99, bringing its price to $64.99, making it $9.01 cents cheaper than buying it from Amazon.

Image: Screenshot of Kogan.com

Amazon launched Alexa in Australia, with an Aussie accent, in January.

Alexa, which will be available on Amazon Echo devices on sale in Australia from today at a discount — shows a basic but growing working knowledge of Aussie culture, all presented in a voice that sounds like a classic local television newsreader.

The coming of Amazon has been widely forecasts as a major disrupter to retailing in Australia.

However, Kogan.com founder Ruslan Kogan has cited exclusive Kogan.com branded products, the largest contributor to his profit, as giving protection against competitors, including Amazon.

He’s also built a portfolio business including Kogan Marketplace, Kogan Mobile, Kogan Internet, Kogan Insurance, Kogan Health and Kogan Travel.

“We’ve got a very valuable brand, we have a brand that is synonymous with price leadership with digital efficiency, a brand that people trust and we’ve been doing it for over a decade,” Kogan told Business Insider earlier this year.

“Now we have a huge stream of traffic as well. What that means is that we have a very low cost of acquisition and therefore we can partner with the likes of Vodafone or Medibank in industry’s which typically have a high cost of acquisition.

“We can pass on some of the savings of that cost of acquisition to customer in the form of a compelling offering.”

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