Kobe Bryant Watched Cycling With Scandal-Prone Aussie Swimmer Stephanie Rice Yesterday

Worlds collided yesterday when Kobe Bryant sat side-by-side with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice at the Velodrome.

Rice was there with a bunch of Australian swimmers, and we’ve already seen how athletes from different spheres of the sports world can unknowingly sit next to each other at random Olympic events. But given Kobe’s shaky marital status (his wife and him are reportedly trying to work things out), and Rice’s penchant for solicitous headline-making, the Aussie tabloids have jumped all over it.

Here’s a screengrab of the two from Australia’s Channel 9 (via The Sydney Morning Herald):

kobe bryant and stephanie rice

Photo: Channel 9

But Rice has been a part of a handful of gossip-page scandals in recent years.

In 2008, she was spotted in Beijing playing a “sizzling game of tonsil hockey” with Michael Phelps, according to the Page Six. That was just a few months after breaking up with Phelps’ Aussie rival Eamon Sullivan.

In 2010, Rice had to apologise after tweeting, “Suck on that f—-ts. Probs the best game I’ve ever seen!! Well done boys,” after a rugby game.

Then in June, Rice caught criticism for taking this “racy” bikini shot of herself and tweeting it out to all her followers:

Stephanie Rice

Photo: @ItsStephRice

Kobe has been in some hot water himself recently, namely for taking a picture shirtless with two women at a party.

Rice has been all over London since her swimming schedule ended last week. After cheering on Aussie gold medalist Anna Meares with Kobe, she went over to the Olympic Stadium to watch Sally Pearson win the 100m hurdles:

stephanie rice at the olympic stadium

Photo: web.stagram.com

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