24 Quotes That Made Kobe Bryant The NBA's Most Enjoyable Loose Cannon This Year

kobe quote about boos

Kobe Bryant wrote a heartfelt, slightly unhinged post on Facebook at 3:30 a.m. last night after suffering a season-ending injury.

It was the greatest example yet of how totally unfiltered Kobe has become.

He simply doesn’t care what people think anymore.

For the past 12 months, he’s been saying one hilarious, controversial quote after another. We picked out our 24 favourites.

Get well soon, Kobe.

Kobe reveals what he'd do if he got fouled like Blake Griffin does (last April)

Kobe questions the manhood of defenders who flop on charges (May)

Kobe hates David Stern's plan to impose an Olympics age limit (July)

Kobe responds when asked why he didn't join Dwight Howard in doing the Gangnam Style dance on the bench (October)

Kobe calls critics 'stupid' after the Lakers start 0-2 (November)

Kobe says he's too old to explain the death stare (November)

Kobe praises interim head coach Bernie Bickerstaff (November)

Kobe death-stares Jeremy Lin, then discusses flopping (November)

Kobe is asked what people would say if he scored 138 points in a game (November)

Kobe explained why the Lakers lacked energy in the early part of the year (December)

Kobe on Pau Gasol's toughness (December)

Kobe explains that a shooter is different from a ball hog (January)

Kobe says the young generation is good because they grew up watching him (January)

Kobe on whether he'll follow any other NBA players on Twitter (January)

Kobe responds to a reporter saying he'd like to see him play Tracy McGrady one-on-one (January)

Kobe says his game has been perfect for 10 years (January)

Kobe compares himself to a biblical figure after dunking on the Nets (February)

On Dwight Howard getting boo'd in Orlando (March)

Source: @LakersReporter

On whether winning is fun (March)

Source: Arash Markazi

On fear (March)

Source: ESPN

On whether he would watch the Final Four (April)

Source: Arash Markazi

On fighting a bear (April)

Source: Facebook

BONUS: Kobe on whether he pumps his own gas (January)

Now see Kobe's life off the court

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