Last Night's Loss To The Cavaliers Shows Why Kobe Bryant Should Never Be Compared To Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant

No one should be more embarrassed by last night’s deflating loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers than Kobe Bryant.

Armed with his five NBA Championships and stellar stats, Bryant has statistically reached the point where he measures up against Michael Jordan.

But as with most sports comparisons, this is a silly one to make.

Kobe has a bad knee but still appears to be relatively healthy for a player his age.  He played 39 minutes last night and recorded 17 points; a bad night for Kobe. 

Digging deeper you see that Kobe was flat out awful.  He shot a pitiful 8-24 from the field and 1-6 from 3-point range and scored just four points in the fourth quarter when his team needed him most.  He scored six points in the first half on 3-8 shooting when the Cavs jumped out to a 51-46 lead and failed to take control of the game at any point, shooting  3-8 in the third quarter, and 2-8 in the fourth.  Bryant also turned the ball over seven times, his second highest total of the season.

One game does not make a player, but Jordan would have never let something like this happen.  MJ had plenty of stinkers himself, but he was never so bad in a loss like this, because there aren’t losses like this.  When all is said and done, Bryant’s stats and rings might exceed His Airness.  But Jordan was never embarrassed against a historically bad team that had lost 36 of its last 37 games.

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