Fantastic fan video catches Kobe Bryant ripping the Knicks' offence

Kobe Bryant made what many consider to be his last trip to MSG on Sunday in a game against the Knicks.

Though the Knicks beat the Lakers, it was a memorable final visit for Kobe, who often heard MVP chants, tussled with Carmelo Anthony, and engaged in some fun trash-talking with those sitting courtside.

A fan sitting next to director and Knicks fan Spike Lee caught a fantastic moment on camera when Kobe, during a stop in play was talking to Lee and took a moment to rip the Knicks’ triangle offence.

Bryant, who played in the triangle under Phil Jackson and with current Knicks coach Derek Fisher, said, “That ain’t no f****** triangle, that’s a square.”

Here’s the video (warning: language):

“That ain’t no fucking triangle that’s a square” @KFCBarstool @seth_rosenthal
— Tommy (@tbarbs13) November 8, 2015

The triangle has been made famous by super-scorers like Michael Jordan and Kobe, so if there’s someone in the league who knows the system best, it could only be Kobe.

Of course, Bryant has little room to be making fun of others’ offence these days. Despite several fun moments, Kobe still ony shot 6-19 from the field for 18 points. His Lakers currently rank 18th in offensive efficiency, while the Knicks and their “square” offence rank 11th.

Nonetheless, these are the type of antics that NBA will dearly miss when Kobe is finished for good.

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