The 14 most inspirational quotes and moments from Kobe Bryant's auto-documentary, 'Muse'

Kobe Bryant’s auto-documentary, “Muse,” made it’s debut on Showtime on Saturday.

The film take a look at many of the challenges Kobe has faced in his career, from moving back to the United States as a teenager and barely being able to write English, to skipping college, to troubles with his marriage and the struggle to prove he could succeed without Shaquille O’Neal as a teammate.

The constant struggles provided Bryant with numerous moments of inspiration for himself that could also be used by others.

Here are the best quotes and moments from “Muse.”

On success.

On constantly moving around as a child as his dad played professional basketball in Europe.

On playing with rage.

On skipping college and going straight from high school to the NBA.

On making sacrifices.

On being the best.

After winning his first championship.

After winning his fifth ring, he was still in the gym when most other players are partying.

On failure.

In the moments prior to playing in his first game following an achille's injury that would have ended the career of most, Kobe reflected between two photos of Magic Johnson.

On becoming one of the best ever.

On the mental challenge of injuries.

On keeping his body in shape at his age.


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