Kobe Bryant's Response To A College Player Scoring 138 Points Is Priceless

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Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Earlier this morning we posted a brief quote from Kobe Bryant about Jack Taylor, the Division III player who scored 138 points in a game last night. It was excellent (via Kevin Ding of the OC Register):

“Really? That’s crazy. He must’ve been wearing Mambas, because only Mambas have no conscience to shoot that much.”

Now we have the full transcript of what Kobe said from Lakers writer Dave McMenamin, and it’s even better. The best bit:

“Would people be celebrating me if I scored 138 points? You know how it is, some people would, some people wouldn’t. They can all kiss my a– as I’m sure he feels the same way. If you score 138 points, you kind of have a licence to tell people to f— off.”

Kobe has no filter this year. A timeline:

  • During training camp he launched an unprovoked attack on former teammate Smush Parker, calling him, “the worst.”
  • During preseason, Dwight Howard made headlines by saying that doing the Gangnam Style dance was part of his rehab from a back injury. Someone asked Kobe why he didn’t do the dance, and Kobe said, “I don’t ride horseys.”
  • After a few games, Kobe called Lakers critics “stupid” and said everyone needed to “shut up.”
  • He shot a death stare at his coach.
  • He praised interim coach Bernie Bickerstaff by saying, “He’s good. He’s getting the f— out of the way.”

It’s refreshing.

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