Actor Michael B. Jordan trolls Kobe Bryant in the new Apple TV ad

Michael b. Jordan Kobe Bryant
A screengrab from the new Apple TV ad. Apple/Youtube

Basketball player Kobe Bryant and actor Michael B. Jordan star in Apple’s latest ad, which debuted on Sunday afternoon.

The video presents Jordan and Bryant in a trailer. Jordan is playing Bryant in a film about the Lakers player’s life.

Byrant assumes that Jordan will only play the younger version of him.

However Jordan explains: “I’m playing you all the way through, with makeup and prosthetics and all that.”

Jordan then plays a scene from the film using Siri on his Apple TV, in which Jordan is playing an old man version of Kobe Bryant. Annoyed by this, Bryant kicks Jordan out of his trailer.

Here’s the full 60 second commercial:

The spot is Apple’s second of for the Apple TV. The first, which came out in January, highlighted the apps that are available to download through the platform.

Kobe Bryant is known to be a massive fan of Apple products. In summer 2014, we reported that Bryant was working with Apple lead designer Jony Ive to test an early version of what turned out to be the Apple Watch.

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