14 of the most hilarious knockoff fast-food chains from around the world

  • There are many knockoffs of fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King around the world.
  • They often have funny names, like “McDoner” and “Burger Friends,” and their m enus are often similar to the stores they’re copying.
  • Sometimes the stores open because the countries don’t allow franchises of the traditional chain. Other times, the reason why they exist is less clear.

In many countries across the globe, you’ll often see copycat fast-food restaurants named things like “Mash Donald’s” or “McDoner” with the same font, logo, and colours as McDonald’s. They aren’t the only impostors: knockoff versions of Burger King, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, KFC, and more exist all over the world.

The names might be funny, but some of them were born out of deeper political issues. Mash Donald’s, for example, opened because the Iranian government’s anti-American sentiments make it impossible for the chain to open McDonald’s franchises in the country, according to The New York Times. This is also the case for Pizza Hat (Pizza Hut), Burger House (Burger King), and other knockoff restaurants in Iran.

China has imitated everything from individual products to world-famous landmarks, and fast food is certainly no exception. You’ll find many knockoffs of McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks throughout major cities in China.

Here are some of the craziest fast-food knockoffs from around the world:

Iran: Mash Donalds


Mash Donald’s in Iran sells its own version of classic McDonald’s meals, like the Mash Donald’s baguette burger,” its “big mac” made with meat, cheese, and turkey ham.

China: Michael Alone


China has a lot of interesting knockoffs, like Michael Alone, whose logo clearly is just an upside-down McDonald’s logo. The restaurant uses the classic red-and-yellow colour scheme as well.

Kazakhstan: McDoner


McDoner is another clear spin on the McDonald’s brand.

Iran: Pizza Hat


Iran has a restaurant called “Pizza Hat,” which serves pizza, chicken wings, and lasagna in an environment resembling a Pizza Hut.

China: Bucksstars Coffee


Bucksstars didn’t seem to try very hard with its name. Its logo is also almost identical to Starbucks’.

Palestine: Stars & Bucks

Stars & Bucks cafe, in the city of Ramallah, kept the name and colour scheme of Starbucks.

Iraq: Burger Friends

According to Time magazine, Burger Friends opened back in 2012, when an Iraqi government employee told the Associated Press that Iraqi citizens were “fed up” with their traditional cuisine and wanted to have more American food.

China: KLG


There are a ton of KFC knockoffs in China, including this KLG.

China: KFD


There’s also a KFD, which has a knockoff Colonel Sanders as well.

China: OFC


OFC, or Obama Fried Chicken, was forced to change its name due to claims of copyright infringement. Now called UFO, the KFC knockoff still used Obama’s face next to its logo.

Iran: ZFC

ZFC is another Iranian knockoff of KFC.

Yemen: Sunny Day


Sunny Day uses the same colours and a very similar logo to Subway, and it appears to sell sandwiches as well.

Spain: Duffin Dagels

Duffin Dagels, a Spanish chain, has a nearly idential menu, logo, and colour scheme to Dunkin’ Doughnuts, but it’s not the real thing.

China: 7 Twelve

There are a ton of 7-Eleven knockoffs, like this “7 Twelve” store in China. Other versions include a “7 Mercy” in Japan and “7 Seven” in South Korea, all of which have nearly identical branding to 7-Eleven.

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