This Crazy Massive Double Screened Tablet Could Crush The iPad -- Physically

kno osman rashid

Photo: Business Insider

The anti-iPad, a new tablet called Kno, is coming to market at the end of the year.Why is it the anti-iPad? It’s a monster sized, hefty, dual screen beast that runs Flash and accepts handwriting input from a stylus. It’s not a lite general purpose device. It’s designed for college students.

Click here for photos of the massive dual screen Kno tablet →

Osman Rashid, CEO of Kno, swung by our office with a prototype of the device. We asked him why he made his tablet so big. His answer: “It was a user experience decision.”

“We didn’t start out saying, let’s do a big 14 inch project,” says Rashid. “We measured thousands of books,” and the big screen was the only way to textbooks onto a tablet. The second screen allows students to take notes with a stylus as they’re reading textbooks.

Rashid says with 10 inch screens, only 11% of textbooks fit. At 12.1 inches, only 47% of textbooks fit. At 14 inches 95% of textbooks fit. 

There’s no price for the Kno yet. It will be less than $1,000, and “not $999.99” says Rashid.

It sure looks cool, but we told Rashid we thought it was probably going to flop. Selling new consumer electronics seems tough (see: JooJoo). His response: “There’s no reason for it not to work. Customers have been demanding a solution, we’re providing one.”

Kno has a silver shell.

A closer look at the shell.

These are the hinges that hold it together.

Osman says they are very strong.

You can get some idea of the size of this thing.

Here it is opened.

The Kno tablet.

The Kno has a flat back so it doesn't rock if you take notes.

A close up of the screen.

When it ships, it will have an anti-glare coating.

Here's a photo for context.

Another photo. You can see how much bigger it is than an iPad or iPhone.

Kno is just one of many tablets coming.

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