Kno's Massive Dual Screened Tablet Priced At $900, Single Screen At $600

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Photo: Business Insider

The massive dual screen tablet from upstart Kno will be priced at $899, the company just announced. The single screen version of the tablet will cost $599.At those prices, CEO Osman Rashid half-jokingly tells us he’s beating the iPad on price per inch of screen basis. (The iPad is $500 for 9.7 inches of screen. The biggest Kno is $900 for 28 inches of screen.)

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We asked Rashid if he was able to profit on the device. He ducked the question, saying, “Our long term direction is to be a platform, not just a hardware company. We have priced the product accordingly. It’s about building a long term relationship with students.”

Sounds to us like it’s not making money, which makes sense if Kno wants to become a platform like Android, or iOS. But, how on earth is Kno going to compete with Apple, Google, Microsoft? With a “maniacal focus on education,” says Rashid.

He says the Kno is “purpose built,” for students, and it’s “not just another tablet with touchscreen, it’s not an entertainment device.” It’s an education device for the millions of students in the world.

That focus is what is supposed to prevent it from becoming the next JooJoo — a tablet that has completely flopped.

Preorders for the Kno start on the website today. It should reach your doorstep before the end of the year. There will also be a 30 day refund period if you’re dissatisfied with the Kno.

So far, there are no hands on reviews of the Kno from independent gadget reviewers like Walt Mossberg, David Pogue, Engadget, Gizmodo, etc. Kno is posting reviews from students that played with it. It will hand out review units by December, it hopes. We saw the tablet in person, but we didn’t get to play with the software.

Kno has a silver shell.

A closer look at the shell.

These are the hinges that hold it together. There are wires tucked in there to connect the screens.

Osman says they are very strong.

You can get some idea of the size of this thing.

Here it is opened.

The Kno tablet.

The Kno has a flat back so it doesn't rock if you take notes.

A close up of the screen.

When it ships, it will have an anti-glare coating.

Here's a photo for context.

Another photo. You can see how much bigger it is than an iPad or iPhone.

Kno is just one of many tablets coming.

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