Check Out Knight Capital's Furious Recovery As A Player In The Markets

Knight Capital

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Knight Capital is once again executing more trades than most of its peers, new data out of Thomson Reuters shows.The company, which had held the first and second ranked market positions before its August 1st trading glitch, is now back in those prime positions, as its clients move trades back through the market maker.

Although Knight’s market share remains below levels recorded before July 31, its trading of all S&P 500 listed securities has stabilised at a healthier 11.12 per cent.

Immediately following Knight’s computer glitch that cost it $440 million and forced it to seek additional financing, its share of S&P execution fell as low as 1.93 per cent.

However, it has quickly made a comeback to the top.

Below, data provided by Knight Capital to Business Insider on its rank in six categories (note: the index refers to the market share of total trading in all listed securities in that family).

Knight Capital Trading

Photo: Knight Capital

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