New York Knicks To Trade Anthony Randolph To The Indiana Pacers, Says Source*

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UPDATE: We explain how we got this wrong. Randolph still tells friends he’s heading to the Pacers. Again, we sincerely apologise for the error.UPDATE: Multiple reports say that Randolph is at practice. Appears as though our information is wrong. We sincerely apologise for the error. We’re reaching out to our source to find out what went wrong.

UPDATE: Pacers beat writer Mike Wells refutes this report because the Pacers have no cap space and 15 players. But another player could be involved, and the Pacers have a trade exception they can use to get the deal done. We’ll continue to try and get more information throughout the day.

EARLIER: Speculation has been swirling around New York Knicks forward Anthony Randolph after his agent requested that the team trade the sparsely-used, third-year forward.

A source with direct knowledge of Randolph’s situation now tells us that the Knicks have agreed to a deal that will send Randolph to the Indiana Pacers.

We called the Knicks for comment and a spokesperson said, “There’s nothing to report.”

Many have speculated that Knicks GM Donnie Walsh would use Randolph to acquire a first-round pick, and that appears to be the case here. Walsh covets that pick, because it is believed to be a necessary component in any deal with the Nuggets that includes Carmelo Anthony.

With the Nets formally dropping out of the Anthony bidding, the timing of this trade suggests the Knicks are going to make a final push for the all-star forward.

While the move was far from shocking, many wondered which team would actually trade their first-rounder for Randolph, a bench player that coach Mike D’Antoni has lost interest in. The Timberwolves were the presumed front-runner. Now we know the Pacers, Walsh’s former employer, were the team prepared to acquire the 6-foot-11 Randolph.

The Pacers are pretty deep in frontcourt players, but none can match Randolph’s raw athletic ability. It’s up to Indiana to accomplish what New York and Golden State couldn’t over the last three seasons: convert his vast potential into consistent production.

(We will update this story as soon as we get our hands on more details…)

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