CHART: Knicks Ticket Prices Rise 55% With Addition Of Melo

It’s not every day that an elite NBA player in his prime is traded, but that is exactly the case of what happened Tuesday night when the Denver Nuggets shipped Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks in a 3-team trade. 

With a trade of this magnitude come ripples that can be felt throughout the NBA, both on the court as well as at the box office. With the Stoudamire era, excitement for Knicks tickets is already well above anything seen in the last 10 years. 

With Anthony’s arrival, already-expensive tickets are now even more expensive.  Below is an overview of the impact on Knicks ticket prices since the trade’s announcement.

Anyone is interested in tracking trends more specifically, they can do so at @TKB_Tiqs or at TheKnicksBlog Tickets Facebook page

·      Knicks Home Game Avg: Was $206 and is now $320 (Up 55%)

  • Knicks Road Game Avg: Was $104 and is now $151 (Up 45%)
  • First Game Avg Tonight: Was $222 and is now $429 (up +92%)

Impact on other big upcoming games (% increase since trade):

  • Melo’s 2nd home game, 3/2 vs. NO, now $398: (Up 46%)
  • Sunday @ Miami now $438: (Up +43%); (Heat Home avg: $200) 
  • 3/21 vs. Boston now $627: (Up +33%)
  • 4/13 @ Boston now $172 (Up +35%); (Celtics home avg: $108)
  •  4/12 vs. Chicago now $437: (Up +43%)

While all home games are up significantly, there are a couple away games with little to no change:

  • 3/15 @ Indianapolis now $73: No change
  • 4/6 @ Philly now $90: No Change

Our prices show what is currently available on the market across all major sellers.  We also break each game down into TiqZones, which are different areas of the arena. 

Overall, higher level seats (300s and 400s) are up more than lower level seats (100s and 200s).  Anyone interested in seeing the impact on specific TiqZones at MSG can so that at TheKnicksBlog Tickets, which is a partnership between TiqIQ and The KnicksBlog, the leading Knicks Blog, which is owned by SNY. 

Carmelo Anthony Chart

Photo: TiqIQ

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