Unless They Completely Collapse, The Knicks Are In The Playoffs

carmelo anthony knicks bulls game

Photo: ABC

The Knicks outlasted the Bucks last night in a huge game.They now have a two-game lead over Milwaukee for the final playoff spot with eight games to play, and they own the tiebreaker.

The Knicks are essentially in the playoffs. Here’s why:

The schedule. The Knicks have four easy games (Wizards, Nets, Cavs, Bobcats) and four tough games (Celtics, Heat, Hawks, Clippers). The Bucks have four easy games (Pistons, Wizards, Nets, Raptors) and four tough games (Pacers twice, Sixers, Celtics).

If the Knicks go 4-4 (as expected), the Bucks would need to go 7-1. And seeing as how the Bucks are 9-26 against teams above .500, that probably won’t happen.

So rejoice, Knicks fans, you’re in … probably.

Here’s the clutch JR Smith three that basically clinched a playoff berth for them:

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