Knicks Vs Heat: The Highlights You Won't See On SportsCenter

LeBron James head

Photo: TNT

Last night’s game between the New York Knicks and Miami Heat was arguably the most anticipated game of the NBA regular season now that the Knicks are relevant again, and Linsanity is sweeping the globe.In the end, it wasn’t much of a game as the Heat won handily 102-88, and it was never really in doubt.

But while ESPN will undoubtedly show you every dunk from the game, and maybe a three-pointer or two from the blowout, the game was still entertaining.

On the next few pages we will take a look at TNT’s broadcast of the game and show you the highlights you won’t see on ESPN…

Prior to the game, old rivals Reggie Miller and Spike Lee had a cordial moment

Craig Sager put a little too much lime in his coconut

Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields did their nerd routine before the game

Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James did a little sparring

Muscle dude in the front row probably regrets sitting with his blonde lady-friend so close to the Knicks bench

Uh oh, muscle dude's blonde lady-friend is chatting with Knicks fans. No way this ends well.

Hard to see, but eventually two guys sat between the Knicks fans and muscle dude and his blonde lady-friend. Crisis averted.

Back to the game, and there was a lot of this

It was an off-night for Jeremy Lin, so the Knicks turned to a high school science teacher

Spike Lee really needs an entourage

The TNT studio crew was already in Orlando for the All-Star game

With plenty of crazy fans already hanging out

The crew was even served food from Emeril's restaurant

Shaq is at his best on the TNT crew when he is not talking

Or maybe when they are just making silly graphics of Shaq

At least the food looked good

We all know LeBron has a big head, but this is ridiculous. Bonus points for the anti-Lin pun signs

And by the end, the fans were already on their way to the clubs

And Lin did not have his typical sheepish smile

But Dwyane Wade was all smiles

Huh-wha? The Simpsons?

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