If The Knicks Don't Get Carmelo Anthony, Stephen A. Smith Will Use His "Credentials" To Demand Firings

Stephen A Smith

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The genius of Stephen A. Smith is that as much as you want to ignore his stupidity, his words are spewed at such a high volume and with so much anger, that sometimes you can’t help yourself. You’re not repelled by his antics, rather, you’re drawn to the stupidity.Consider a recent rant on ESPN Radio one of those instances: (Don’t forget to adopt a screaming preacher’s tone, and to consider every punctuation an exclamation point, as you read this!)

This is serious business. And I’m getting really annoyed walking around listening to New Yorkers, listening to people on this very radio station, acting like if we don’t get Carmelo Anthony it’s not a big deal. It’s a big damn deal. So much so that if February 24th comes and goes, I will personally be calling for people’s heads – by name. And I’m dead serious.

And in case you didn’t notice I got the credentials to do it. Not because I’m an NBA insider, not even because I’ve been covering the NBA for 14 years, not because I’ve been a journalist for 18 years. It’s because I’m born and raised in this city. This is home. And I don’t like what the hell I’m seeing. And if nobody else wants to have the guts to call folks out for their behinds, if not their heads, then damnit, I’ll do it for ’em. February 24th. Let that day come and go and Carmelo Anthony is not in a New York Knicks uniform. You don’t even want to tune into this show the next day. I’m telling you.

Well, I was born in New York City, too. So, at least according to Stephen A., that gives me some credentials. And let me use that newfound legitimacy to say: Stephen, you really, really ought to take it easy. Take a long, deep breath. Oh, and slow down on that Red Bull consumption.

Yes, ‘Melo is a great player – and maybe even a top-5 player, as Smith suggests earlier in his rant. But if the Knicks do whatever it takes to get ‘Melo (as Smith insists they should), GM Donnie Walsh would not be doing his due diligence. Just like the Nuggets are trying to get the most they can for Melo, the Knicks, obviously, are trying to part with as little as they possibly can.

Let the negotiations play themselves out. Because even Smith would admit that having some combination of Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and Landry Fields with ‘Melo, is better than just the one player. 

Obviously, we’re just falling into Smith’s trap by even addressing his nonsense. But consider this our first call for his head, lest we witness a rise in rage-induced car accidents on the LIE during the evening commute.

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