Here's The Real Reason The Knicks Won By 42 Points Last Night

Jeremy Lin

Photo: AP Images

The Knicks obliterated the Blazers 121-79 just hours after head coach Mike D’Antoni quit last night.So the Knicks are fixed and it was all D’Antoni’s fault, right?

Not really.

The Blazers aren’t just a bad basketball team, they are a bad basketball team that’s actively trying to get their coach fired through an orchestrated “mutiny,” according to ESPN’s Chad Ford.

Ford said yesterday that Blazers guards Jamal Crawford and Raymond Felton — both of whom are in their first season with the team — decided to sabotage the team after coach Nate McMillan called them out at a film session early this season.

They’ve been pretty successful, as far as mutinies go. Portland has lost seven of their last nine games, and have been blown out by at least 12 points in each of their last three losses.

So while the Knicks (particularly Carmelo Anthony) played as free as they had all season last night, it’s important to keep the opponent in mind. We should get a better idea of how a Mike Woodson-coached Knicks team will look this weekend — when they play a home-and-home against the 25-16 Indiana Pacers.

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