Kmart Is Betting Potty humour And Profanity Will Save Its Business

kmart ad big gas savings

Kmart is expected to announce its Q1 earnings today. So to get consumers in the mood, it released a brand new ad that it hopes people will mispronounce, touting the company’s “big gas savings.”

After six years of declining sales and shutting 84 stores in 2012, Kmart is using a surprising and sophomoric strategy to try to win back customers: Potty humour and profanity.

Last month the chain launched an ad campaign in which character after character rejoices that with Kmart’s free delivery program one can “ship my pants” conveniently. Kids, parents, and geriatrics of all racial backgrounds repeat the catch phrase, “ship my pants,” “ship my pants,” which sound a whole lot like … well, you know what it sounds like.

Pandering as the ad is, it has gone viral with more than 17 million views in a month. The spot’s creator, Jon Flannery, was immediately promoted to executive creative director at DraftFCB Chicago.

And now there’s a part two.

Cue the sixth grade boy humour about Kmart’s “big gas savings” opportunities — Kmart members get 30 cents off gas per gallon when they spend $50 or more.

The spot is currently at 740 views (and counting), but only time will tell if viral lightning can strike twice.

Struggling Radio Shack has also embraced the shock tactic strategy by releasing a sexy ad full of phallic symbols by models’ open mouth with hopes of reigniting consumers’ interest.

The jury is still out if these kinds of campaigns will actually bring in customers or just stay on their video queue. 

Here’s the “Big Gas Savings” ad:

Here’s the “Ship My Pants” spot:

And finally here’s how Radio Shack is trying to do a similar thing:

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