The Internet Hates Kmart's New GIF Ads

You may have noticed that Kmart has had a lot of weird commercials lately. Whether it is Satan promoting a layaway or guys doing a Chippendales-inspired “Jingle Bells” dance in their boxers, there have definitely been plenty of alternatives to the more traditional, Mum-friendly ads.

But with some hits there are usually misses, and it is safe to say that the “GIF-ing Out” ads are the latter. This one features a couple coming home from a successful holiday shopping spree at Kmart. Their celebration is on loop, which reminds their neighbours of a GIF file:

The commercials are aimed at the Internet community, but it does not seem to be enjoying them (to put it lightly):

For the record, the GIF pronunciation debate supposedly ended back in March, when the file type’s creator said it should be pronounced like the peanut butter brand “Jiff.”

This guy even liked Kmart’s concept but found the “giff” (hard ‘G’) part annoying:

It’s also worth noting that GIF files don’t have sound, but Kmart’s ads have given them audio anyway.

Kmart gave the Chicago agency Draftfcb the green light for their series of offbeat, goofy commercials after its “Ship My Pants” spot became the fourth most shared ad of the year.

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