AD OF THE DAY: Kmart Is Trying To Rebrand 'Yo Mama' Jokes

Kmart 'Yo Mama' Commercial

In the same vein as its recent “Ship my Pants” and “Big Gas Savings” commercials, Kmart’s latest ad tries to rebrand a new phrase: “Yo Mama.”

In the commercial made by DraftFCB, a number of kids on a playground spout “Yo Mama” jokes at each other. Only this time it’s used to compliment anyone’s taste who shops at the retailer.

Such as:

“Yo mama get that hoodie at Kmart?” “Yeah, dawg.” “Well, yo mama must have cavities, ‘cuz that hoodie is sweeeeeeeet!”

“Oh yeah, well, yo mama’s like a tasty cheese plate, ‘cuz she saved a bunch of cheddar on them Kmart jeans!”

Adweek argues that the commercial is stereotyping, but it doesn’t seem to be as controversial or effective as the brand’s previous “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings” advertisements. This latest commercial hasn’t generated close to as many YouTube views as previous ones. After six days, the ad has accumulated less than 100,000 views. “Ship My Pants” had 9.5 million views five days after its release.

Watch the spot below:

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