Kmart For Christmas: Targeted TV Ads

Back in June, on the heels of a particularly painful and drawn-out upfront, Viacom’s MTV Networks said it partnered with New York-based Visible World, which has web-based technology that allows TV ads to be changed up to seven seconds before the ad runs on TV. Why is that a good thing? Because in theory, it would allow advertisers to change the ad depending on the demographics of who is watching, inventory levels, time of day, etc.

Now MTV says Kmart has given has given the system a whirl on its Nick at Nite and TV Land networks. Kmart used a series of 14 spots, swapping them out on the fly to advertise various holiday gift items. Which ones? Unclear from the press release, or the Adage story, both of which are thin on details. A Visual World spokesperson says Kmart is keeping that to themselves.

We’d love to hear those details, because the theory is intriguing: MTV should be able to get a premium ad rate for the spots. Visual World gets paid both by the network and the advertiser, who licence the technology. And advertisers pay for more effective ads. Anyone know how it works in practice?

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