A Kmart store in the US was fined for secretly overcharging customers -- and it reveals an important lesson for shoppers

Tim Boyle/Getty Images
  • A Kmart store in North Carolina repeatedly overcharged customers, according to five separate state inspections.
  • The store’s scanners charged shoppers higher prices than those advertised on shelves.
  • The scanning violations should serve as a reminder that shoppers should always check their receipts to make sure they are being properly charged.

A Kmart store in North Carolina was fined more than $US7,000 for repeatedly overcharging customers.

The store’s scanners charged shoppers more than the prices advertised on shelves during five separate inspections from May to December, WITN reports. The error rates ranged between 2% to 5%, according to the report.

The North Carolina state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services conducted the inspections at the Kmart store in Midway Park, North Carolina, and fined the company more than $US7,000 for the violations, according to WITN.

The store is among dozens of Kmart locations nationwide that are set to close in April.

The scanning violations should serve as a reminder for shoppers to always check receipts for errors.

Whole Foods came under fire for a similar scandal in 2015 after New York City officials found cases of locations overcharging customers for pre-packaged foods at eight stores across the city.

Whole Foods later paid $US500,000 in fines to settle the probe.

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