Klout CEO Joe Fernandez Never Stands Still

Klout CEO Joe Fernandez

[credit provider=”Courtesy of Klout”]

Klout CEO Joe Fernandez spends a lot of his time zipping around his offices like crazy.It’s hard to get him to stand still on the bottom floor of Klout’s wide open office. He sits right next to the product and design teams and is grilling them all the time.

Klout has been growing pretty quickly since launching in 2008 — it’s up to 70 employees now and it just finished rolling out anew tool called “brand squads.” It’s a landing page for a brand that tells you who is most influential online for each brand.

Klout, which collects data from your Facebook, Twitter and other online site interactions and hands out a score, is using it as a way to give brands that sign up ways to interact with their loyal customers.