Here's A Way For College Kids To Get A Design Gig At Twitter Or One Kings Lane

Mike Abbot and Megan Quinn, Kleiner PerkinsMike Abbott and Megan Quinn are judging you.

Photo: Kleiner Perkins

Kleiner Perkins, the venture-capital firm that famously backed Amazon and Google in the ’90s, wants to put some flare in its current portfolio.It’s looking to hire design students for internships at companies like Twitter, One Kings Lane, Square, Nest, or Flipboard through its new KPCB Design Fellows program.

The deadline is Thursday, January 31.

A similar fellowship program for engineers has taken off, making some young interns hot commodities in Silicon Valley.

The war for talent is already intense among tech firms, but lately it’s extended beyond scrapping over college graduates to getting current students placed in internships that could lead to full-time work.

The application process is simple: Submit your portfolio, or, optionally, redesign a Kleiner company’s product and upload the result.

Two partners with considerable experience at companies known for their strong design cultures—Megan Quinn, who formerly worked at Google and Square, and Mike Abbott, who held top engineering positions at Palm and Twitter—will review submissions.

So look sharp!

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