K&L Gates Slashes Salaries For Hours-Starved Associates


According to Elie Mystal at Above The Law, the top brass masterminds over at K&L Gates are personally offending their second year associates by way of reduced paychecks in its Boston branch.

Salaries were cut 10%  for associates who didn’t reach their billable hours goal of 1,950 last year. Exempt from the cut were first-year associates, whose tenure is now just over two months at the firm.

Quick maths: Some second years are now getting paid more than first years.

K&L Gates were reportedly unfrozen last year, effective March 1, but in four offices incoming associates salaries were cut. Boston was spared in that round, however.  Leaving first-year salaries in tact is a way to save face by way of maintaining statistics for recruitment, at the risk of compounding the misery of second years.

A call to K&L Gates was not immediately returned.

There are ways to deal with the increasingly unpadded life at BigLaw, but wouldn’t it be more gratifying to start hazing the first years?

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