KKR Kingpin Sees $10 Billion Debt Deals Coming Back Next Year

Michael Michelson

Photo: HCA Healthcare

Michael Michelson of KKR sees the boom times of $10 billion deals returning in the next six months, according to Financial News.There hasn’t been a $10 billion debt deal since 2007.

The situation is that raising debt right now, with the demand for bonds at a high, is becoming increasingly easy. That means deals worth $5 or $7.5 billion can be done right now, according to Michelson.

But private equity may be about to get back on its high horse, with $10 billion deals in the near future.

Michelson doesn’t see KKR getting back to the highs of 2007 when his firm arranged a buyout of TXU, a U.S. energy company, for $44 billion.

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