Kiwi Daredevil Dan Vicary Has Died In A Wingsuit Crash In Switzerland

Dan Vicary getting ready for a wingsuit jump in 2013. Source: Instagram @dan_vicary

New Zealander Dan Vicary lived for thrills as one of the world’s best BASEjumpers and skydivers. But his passion claimed his life on the weekend, as well as the life of French skydiver Ludo Woerth, while another man is in a critical condition in hospital following an accident in the Swiss Alps.

Th trio jumped from a helicopter near Sengg wearing wingsuits, which give skydivers the ability to glide before parachuting to ground. It’s believed they crashed into an alpine pasture and when rescue crews arrived, both Vicary and Woerth were dead. The third jumper, who has not yet been named, was severely injured.

Dread-locked and tattooed Vicary, from Invercargill in New Zealand, worked as a tandem skydiver in Switzerland and was ranked second in the word following the World Wingsuit championships in Brazil last year.

Describing himself as “a sensation seeker with a lust for life… chasing the dream of human flight since he was just a boy” on his Facebook page, Vicary was a veteran of more than 450 wingsuit flights and as well as several hundred BASEjumps.

“BASEjumping is a beautiful sport,” he wrote.

Vicary was 33 and had recently celebrated his third wedding anniversary.

Nearly 80 people have died in wingsuit accidents since the sport emerged in the 1990s.

In the clip below, dedicated to his wife, Vicary talks about his love for his sport. It’s titled ‘On My Way’.

And here he is jumping in Switzerland in his most recent post.

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