Kiwi Baker Has Crap Idea: Sends Client Turd Cake, Now Copping S*#t

The cake sent to an engagement party by a miffed McDonald. Photo from her Facebook page, digitally altered.

Don’t make New Zealand baker Emma McDonald angry. A couple found out the hard way just before Christmas when she sent them a cake to their engagement party that looked like dog poo, with a flag saying “Eat S%&t!”, .

McDonald, who runs Oh Cakes in Riverton as a hobby, posted a photo of the offending cake on her Facebook page on December 20, writing: “Clients [sic] been [deleted] me around and I’ve had a guts full [sic] so guess what they get!…. so here it is, your turd cake! Hope you learn your lesson.”

Riverton is a small seaside town of 1500 people at the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island.

The New Zealand Herald on Sunday reports that McDonald was unrepentant, saying “I have no regrets at all about what I did. I feel she got what she deserved.” But the dispute has escalated with both the Invergarcill mayor and Chamber of Commerce president weighing in, concerned that it casts the Southland region in a bad light.

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