‘Game of Thrones’ star Kit Harington endured electric shocks to ‘prove’ Jon Snow is dead

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“Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington bravely took on electric shocks in order to protect the secrets of his character, Jon Snow.

Harington appeared on British talk show “The Jonathan Ross Show” over the weekend, during which the host asked him to answer some questions about Jon Snow and his fate in season 6.

But, there was a catch…

“We are going to add an element of fun to this interrogation. We have the Stone of Truth here,” Ross said while pulling out a prop that appeared like a big piece of rock with a face carved into it.

The host further explained that Harington had to put a hand in the Stone of Truth’s mouth. Ross then said that Harington would be asked a series of questions and whether he receives an electric shock to his hand is dependent on the “quality of his answers.” What Ross didn’t disclose was that he had a remote control for the Stone of Truth and would be administering the shocks.

Ross’s first question: “Are you dead?”

“Yes,” Harington answered, as a buzzing sound occurred and he said disbelievingly, “That actually gives me a shock.”

After Harington told him that the shock felt like a five on a scale of 10, Ross increased it to a level that caused Harington to jump from his seat.

The next couple questions include Harington showing his “dead face,” nudity on the show, and whether Snow returns as one of the show’s undead, The White Walkers.

Watch the (literally) shocking interview below: 

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