‘Game of Thrones’ actor Kit Harington is to write and star in a BBC drama about Guy Fawkes

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“Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington is hoping one of his next projects will create fireworks.

The actor is planning to produce and star in a BBC drama inspired by Guy Fawkes’ infamous failed attempt to assassinate King James I in 1605. Known as the Gunpowder Plot, Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

British TV trade magazine Broadcast first revealed that the three-part drama is in the works at the BBC. A source has also confirmed to Business Insider that the project is close to being commissioned.

A BBC spokeswoman declined to comment.

The drama has been given the provisional title “Gunpowder.” It will be produced by Harrington’s production company Thriker Films alongside Kudos, a British drama production firm. Kudos made the film “Spooks: The Greater Good,” which starred Harington.

A treatment for “Gunpowder” was written by Ronan Bennett, according to talent agent United Agents, which looks after Thriker Films. Bennett wrote Channel 4 series “Top Boy” and 2009 Johnny Depp film “Public Enemies.” It is not known if he has written the entire “Gunpowder” series.

The Gunpowder Plot has personal resonance for Harington. He revealed on “The Andrew Marr Show” earlier this year that he is a descendant of Robert Catesby, the brains behind failed mission. Harington said at the time that he was working on screenplay, based on the assassination attempt.

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