They Have Found The Couple From The Now-Famous "Kissing Rioters" Photo

The enduring image of the Stanley Cup Finals, unfortunately, will forever be this photo of a young couple making out in the street, amidst the chaos of a post-game riot.

All day yesterday, people were wondering who they were, what the heck they were doing, and whether it was even real.

(Yes, it’s a real photograph, but some people think they may have staged it for the benefit of photographer Rich Lam, who snapped it for Getty Images.)

Well, the mystery may soon be solved as an Australian mother and daughter have contacted the papers to say, that’s their son/brother, Scott Jones.

They told their local news outlets that the girl is his girlfriend, Alex Thomas, who is a Canadian. Scott moved to Vancouver six months ago and the pair recently began dating.

Another witness says the two were knocked over by riot police and that Thomas may have briefly been hurt. Jones reportedly posted on his Facebook page that “naturally Alex needed some comforting.”

The couple themselves have not come forward yet, but we imagine that one way or another, they’re about to become media stars.

The photographer told reporters he didn’t even know what he had snapped until after his editors processed the photos and pointed out the young lovers.

Those aren’t the only Vancouverites that the police would like to identify →

UPDATE: The Vancouver Sun now has video of the couple taken from a nearby roof. It appears that the police try to get them to leave, but then give and move on, shortly before the picture was taken. That all gibes with the “official” story.

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