Meet The New Richest Woman In Britain

Kirsty Bertarelli

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The richest woman in Britain is no longer JK Rowling nor is it the Queen.The title goes to Kristy Bertarelli, a songwriter and former Miss UK who married Swiss-Italian pharmaceutical heir Ernesto Bertarelli in 2000.

Kristy and her husband ranked fifth in Britain with $11 billion in the Sunday Times Rich List 2011. They were beat out by Lakshmi Mittal, Alisher Usmanov, Roman Abramovich and Gerald Grosvener, none of whom have British wives.

More about Kristy from the Mail:

These days, Kirsty’s deck life sounds very enviable indeed. Together she and Ernesto have party weekends on their yacht, Vava, off the South of France and Sardinia.

‘As you would expect, there’s champagne on tap. They are fantastic hosts,’ says an appreciative guest.

Then, unlike many more controlling male yachties, Ernesto will let her take the boat herself with her ‘lively’ female friends to recover.

‘They’ll all detox, watch their weight, eat a few lettuce leaves and almonds and push each other over the edge into the sea when they’re tempted to give up,’ says an acquaintance.

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