Kirk Kerkorian's Lawyer Terry Christensen Gets 3 Years In Prison For Wiretapping

This summer, legendary Hollywood attorney, and Kirk Kerkorian‘s longtime lawyer, Terry Christensen was convicted, along with P.I. to the stars Anthony Pellicano, for his role wiretapping Kerkorian’s ex-wife Lisa Bonder during the pair’s divorce proceedings. Yesterday Christensen was sentenced to three years behind bars. (Pellicano is set to be sentenced on December 15).

THR, Esq.: Entertainment attorney Terry Christensen was sentenced to up to 36 months months in prison this morning for participating in private eye Anthony Pellicano’s illegal wiretapping conspiracy. Judge Dale Fischer also fined Christensen $250,000 and rejected pleas that he do his time in house detention.

Christensen reportedly wanted to start his sentence at home, so that he wouldn’t have to report to the slammer the same time all of the common criminals headed there yesterday had to arrive. But the judge rejected that.

“The probation officers’ recommendation was ludicrous,” Fischer said. “Home detention in an 8,000-square-foot house is not punishment.”

What if he just stayed in one room? No? Ok.

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