What It Looks Like When A Russian Gay Rights Activist Tries To Protest On A Military Holiday

Today a lone LGBT activist, later identified as Kirill Kalugin, walked into St. Petersburg’s Palace Square in an attempt to protest Russia’s controversial “gay propaganda” laws.

Unfortunately for him, it was also Russian Airborne Troops Day, a day where Russia’s paratroopers take to the street to celebrate their history. It frequently involves a lot of alcohol. The paratroopers weren’t too happy at Kalugin’s protest, and things got ugly quickly — Fontanka.ru reports that police officers had to step in to protect Kalugin, and two paratroopers had to be arrested.

The video below, uploaded by Russian blog PaperPaper, shows the scene.

Marina Galperina of Animal New York has a detailed translation of the audible Russian. At one point one paratrooper rants “This is evil. Putin is fag and the rest of it is all shit. The entire country is on its knees. We are Russians!”

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