Moscow Suicide Bombing Claims The Life Of A Barclays Banker

The Moscow suicide bombing that took 35 lives on Monday hit Wall Street.

The explosion killed a London-based financial headhunter from the firm New Millennium. He was a former VP at BarCap, and a young father.


From the National Post:

Kirill Budrashov, 38, a former vice-president at the investment bank Barclays Capital, and Elvira Muratova, 40, had left their one-year-old son in London with a nanny while they travelled to Russia on business.

The couple, who shared a home in Kensington, west London, had been on a British Airways flight from London to Moscow that landed 45 minutes before the bombing.

From the DailyMail:

The couple, who worked together at financial headhunting firm New Millennium Group, had reportedly travelled to Moscow for a conference.

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